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news.google.com (and others)?

On Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Barry Shein <bzs at world.std.com> wrote:
> This has been going on for days.
> We couldn't get thru to news.google.com but most everything else
> works. Once in a while it works.
> Connection is through towerstream.com. Traceroute usually seems to go
> through, sometimes dies somewhere out there past their network
> (72.14...? maybe abovenet?), no consistent result.

72.14.? some of that is google network space:
NET-72-14-192-0-1 - for instance

> Tried downforeveryoneorjustme.com, it says it's up.

www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com. 1568 IN CNAME  ghs.google.com.
ghs.google.com.         43199   IN      CNAME   ghs.l.google.com.
ghs.l.google.com.       299     IN      A

really: "Down for google or just me" would be a better name :(

> Called towerstream support, they couldn't get thru either.
> The support guy had a tablet on Verizon 4G, he couldn't get thru to
> news.google.com using that either.
> He also said he couldn't get thru to google street maps, but google
> mail was ok (I can reload gplus.google.com no problem.)
> My iphone via AT&T has no problem, loads news.google.com immediately.
> Anyone else seeing this?

what sort of source address are you using?
perhaps also ipv4 vs ipv6? (the lte devices will default, I believe, to v6)

> I'm in Boston, Towerstream support is in Providence, RI.
> I'm thinking some sort of localized problem but trouble thru
> towerstream and verizon?
> It was passed to the engineer on duty at towerstream who will look
> into it and speak to google if necessary, not clear it's their problem
> though, not if Verizon is actually also having the same problem.

Connecting to news.google.com|2607:f8b0:4003:c02::8b|:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

from some network in the interwebs... so v6 to this works (v4 works as
well, based on telnet responses)


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