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max-prefix and platform tcam limits: they are things

On Fri, 5 Oct 2012, jim deleskie wrote:

> I know that I should know better then comment on networks others then
> my own, ( and I know to never comment on my own publicly :) )
> But here goes, 210x the size of normal really?  210% I'd have a hard
> time believing. Did anyone else anywhere see a route leak equal to
> larger then the entire Internet that day, anywhere else that could of
> caused this?

Is it plausible that Godaddy's internal network only normally has a few 
thousand BGP routes?  210 x a few thousand would run most modern gear out 
of FIB space.

The "my DNS is broken, are we really being DDoS'd on udp/53 at the same 
time?" thing, I've seen, and I can imagine it being very confusing to 
someone seeing it for the first time.

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