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IPv4 address length technical design

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> From: "Barry Shein" <bzs at world.std.com>

> In Singapore in June 2011 I gave a talk at HackerSpaceSG about just
> doing away with IP addresses entirely, and DNS.
> Why not just use host names directly as addresses? Bits is bits, FQDNs
> are integers because, um, bits is bits. They're even structured so you
> can route on the network portion etc.
> Routers themselves could hash them into some more efficient form for
> table management but that wouldn't be externally visible. I did
> suggest a standard for such hashing just to help with debugging etc
> but it'd only be a suggestion or perhaps common display format.

And Whacky Weekend begins early.

Jim?  Jim Fleming?  How'd you break into Barry's email account?

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