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IPv4 address length technical design

Op 3-10-2012 18:33, Kevin Broderick schreef:
> I'll add that in the mid-90's, in a University Of Washington lecture hall, Vint Cerf expressed some regret over going with 32 bits.  Chuckle worthy and at the time, and a fond memory
> - K

"Pick a number between this and that." It's the 80's and you can still 
count the computers in the world. :)

It is/was a "experiment" and you have the choice between a really large 
and a larger number. Humans are not too good in comparing really large 
numbers. If it was ever decided to use a smaller value, for the size of 
the experiment it might have went quite different. The "safe" (larger) 
choice ended up bringing more pain.

As a time honored ritual, the temporary solution becomes the production 

Oops... And that was not quite what Mr Cerf meant to do.