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Cost of fiber run between neighbouring office buildings

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> From: "Hank Disuko" <gourmetcisco at hotmail.com>

> I wonder if I can tap into some knowledge on the list and ask for
> ballpark figures on how much it would normally cost to run 2 fiber
> cables between 2 adjacent office buildings. I have a quote from a
> contractor, and I want to make sure i'm not getting totally fleeced.
> The conduit is in place between the buildings.
> The work entails:
> - 2 x 6-Strand 50/125u multimode, Tight Buffered, Armoured, Laser
> Ultra-Fox Fiber cables
> - Distance of run is approx 520 meters
> - Total of 8 terminations (2 strands on each end of links)
> - Testing, documentation

I had one 6-strand direct burial run through as-had 4-inch pvc between
two of my buildings about 4 years ago, IIRC, the final price was on the 
order of $1300 for about a 300m run; terminated in ST boxes at each end
I don't recall if he furnished the patches or if we bought them ourselves;
I think the latter.  They had to split the pipe halfway and put a pullbox

What did they quote you?

PS: protip: split those 2+2 instead of 3+1 for better redundancy.  :-)

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