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So what's the deal with 10Gbase-T

In article <CAJ0Nkqgy2x9pUg26CcjcHwDQSMY24f1U0RWmhF2PoH2eHih2zg at mail.gmail.com>,
Andreas Echavez  <andreas at livejournalinc.com> wrote:
>Does anyone here have experience running copper 10Gbase-T networks? It
>seems like the standard just died out.

Well, our new supermicro servers come with 10Gbase-T standard on
the motherboard.

>For us it would make a lot of sense
>for our applications -- even if throughput and latency aren't as great. If
>anyone out there knows of any *copper* 10 gig-t switches (48 port?)

Arista, http://www.aristanetworks.com/