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Data Center Flooring

We recently took possession of a building which part of it was used for 
a teleco room by a Cellular company. The floor looks like crap. So we 
were thinking about maybe just putting another new flooring on top. 
Currently it has some type of tile looking flooring. I have been told 
the the entry way into the building is Anti-static. However No idea on 
the actual data center flooring.

I know in the past there have been talks about datacenter flooring. 
(Even Carpet if I recall). What I am wondering is does the actual 
datacenter flooring need to be like Static Dissipating.  (Found 
something that does that for about $10.00 a Sqr foot). Or can it just be 
non static generating or like non conducting. Not quite sure the wording 
to use here.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated on or off the list.


Mark Keymer