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carping about CARP

Jussi Peltola <pelzi at pelzi.net> writes:

> The amount of detail in the original posting is rather disappointing,
> with absolutely no hope of anyone being able to reproduce the problem
> with the data given.

It was not intended as a bug report, instead merely an expression of
disappointment and an advsory to fellow travelers to watch their backs.
Sometimes a report of muggings in a locale is useful, even without a
detailed description of the attacker.

> Did the vhid and vrrp group overlap? Were there duplicate IP addresses?

Yes, "vrrp 1" turned out to be a bad plan here.

Turned off vrrp on the router and went with HSRP.  There is enough
documentation on HSRP vs VRRP around (heck, even Wikipedia) to surmise
that something that interacted poorly with VRRP would likely not do
the same to HSRP.  Docs on CARP are thin on the ground.  Never even an
I-D.  Didn't have time to read the source code when the network was
acting up.