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carping about CARP

* Robert E. Seastrom <rs at seastrom.com> [2012-11-30 13:46]:
> My problem is not with Theo nor with the IETF.  My problem is with a
> crappy and credulous implementation.  When an outage is caused by
> redundancy software that comes from an organization that prides itself
> on well-written code, the irony meter goes off the scale.

vrrp and carp share the vhid space. you have to use unique vhids per
network segment, that's about it.

the openbsd box was nice enough to tell you about the mac address
conflict, the other's didn't.

if you looked at the carp boxes you had seen that carp had continued
to work just fine. the mac address (which is basically "fixed prefix +
vhid) conflict is your "outage". there's nothing we could do about

and re IANA, they made it clear they would not give us a proto number
no matter what; we didn't have a choice but to ignore that
industry-money-driven committee.

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