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William was raided for running a Tor exit node. Please help if you can.

Joakim Aronius wrote:
> Lets assume that some child pr0n dealer used this Tor exit node, is it not reasonable if the police wants to see if 
> there are
> logs that make it possible to catch the sleazebag? Should LE ignore crime if it originates from a network which operates 
> a Tor
> exit node?
> I am all for being anonymous on the net but I seriously believe that we still need to enforce the law when it comes to 
> serious
> felonies like child pr0n, organized crime etc, we can't give them a free pass just by using Tor. I dont think it should 
> be
> illegal to operate a Tor exit node but what just happened could be a consequence of doing it.
> Of course they might not know abot Tor and believes that it is Mr Williams that is the bad guy.
> /J

Wouldn't Austrian LEA need possession/knowledge of this pr0n site in order to determine the exit node that was using it?