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CfP: Survey on network attack detection and mitigation


I'd like to draw your attention to a survey we're conducting in context
of several research projects:

+----------------------- Call for Participation -----------------------+
|           Survey on network attack detection and mitigation          |
|                   opened from 14.11.12 - 04.12.12                    |
+--------------> http://www.dasec.h-da.de/survey/netsec <--------------+

Network-based attacks pose a strong threat to the Internet landscape and
academia is working towards different approaches on attack detection and
mitigation. Yet, a clear understanding of possibilities and issues in
commercial networks is missing. Hence, this survey aims at gaining
insight in real-world processes, structures and capabilities of IT
companies and the computer networks they run. This survey is conducted
in context of different publicly funded research projects of the da/sec
Biometrics and Internet Security research group [1], as well as work
done in the combined eco e.V. and DE-CIX competence group security.
Results of this survey shall frame future research and community
activities in the area of Internet security.

The survey targets at companies of all size and colour running an own
computer network. Questions within this survey address some
organizational aspects, as well as processes, techniques and tools you
may have employed in order to perform network attack detection and
mitigation. Filling the survey should not last longer than 5 - 10
minutes. Thus, this survey can ideally be answered during a short and
relaxing coffee/tea break ;-)

Thank you all for your help to advance Internet security research!

[1] http://www.dasec.h-da.de/


It would be nice if you would support our work by participating in this

If you may have any particular questions regarding this survey or our
work, please do not hesitate to contact me off-list.

Thanks and best regards

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