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Big day for IPv6 - 1% native penetration

On Nov 27, 2012, at 7:27 AM, Cutler James R wrote:

> Have you looked at the current Apple software?  It pretty much "just works" on IPv6.

Yes, but it doesn't do or enable anything via IPv6 that it doesn't do or enable via IPv4.

> This also automatically brings along IPv6 capabilities.

Capabilities <> deployment.

Again, the most energy almost all enterprise IT departments are putting into IPv6 is to include an undefined 'IPv6-capable' checkbox on RFPs.  That's it.

> What they do care about is reliable sharing of gossip, pictures, and videos.  They also care about reliable video chats with friends and family. 

And it is these 'killer apps' which have driven the global deployment of IPv4 and the growth of the modern commercial IPv4-based public Internet, as well as the near-universal adoption of IPv4 transport within private networks.

The huge economic benefits of mobile voice and data connectivity are the reasons behind its spectacular growth and increasing ubiquity.  Mobile voice and data allow people to do things that they simply couldn't do before, and to do things which they didn't even view as possibilities before.

My contention is that in order for IPv6 to become widely deployed within any foreseeable time-frame, it may well prove that there must be some content/services/applications which are a) greatly desired by users and b) only available via/possible with IPv6 in order to provide the requisite economic stimulus.

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