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Fwd: (via Dave Farber's IP list): Mark Crispin

Careful with followups, please, am sending this to multiple lists.

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> 	? From: Barry Leiba <barryleiba at computer.org>
> 	? To: imap5 at ietf.org, imapext at ietf.org, imap-protocol at u.washington.edu, imap-use at u.washington.edu
> 	? Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 19:44:51 -0500
> Everyone here knows Mark Crispin -- or at least knows who he is:
> Mark is the author of the original IMAP specification, and has taken it
> through its different versions to the present IMAP4rev1. He's written
> reference implementations of both server and client, and has been a
> vocal participant on all the mailing lists I'm posting this to.
> I'm sad to have to report that Mark is now terminally ill, and is in
> hospice care.
> For now, at least, I'm told that Mark is at least somewhat aware. If
> anyone has brief well-wishing messages they'd like to send him, please
> post them to the <imap5 at ietf.org> mailing list, and I'll forward them
> to Mark's long-term companion, Annie. I will also post updates to that
> list as I get them
> Barry Leiba
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