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Adding GPS location to IPv6 header

Your proposal doesn't even give people a way to encrypt their location
data;  By moving geodata to a portion of the protocol which is not covered
by commonly used encryption methods (i.e. HTTPS, which is up a few layers
in the stack) people can't be protected should this data be monitored by a
malicious intermediary. Think: Syria, China, Iran, or any other government
which will kill you for your words online.

Application protocols sending GPS data under say, HTTPS protect the end
user from revealing their location to anyone on their path, forcing an
intermediary to look up the IP in a common geo database which will be
mostly inaccurate in pinpointing users, and hopefully will save lives.

Companies like Twitter, Facebook, and some parts of google are going HTTPS
by default for this very reason.

This proposal is dead, you don't have the sense to lie down.