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25Mbps vs 4 Mbps

Don't forget that in some cases, there are ISP-local cache boxes...
i.e. the "Youtube Servers" to which you refer may live _at_ the ISP.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 7:19 AM, Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com> wrote:
> It's all about if the bandwidth is there to use.
> I'm sure every youtube caching server has a connection which exceeds
> 4Mb/s.
> How does a faster connection help? It allows the video to fill the buffer
> faster. Allowing for smoother playback on less bandwidth consistent
> circuits. Do you need it really if your video source is under 4Mb/s? In a
> perfect scenario, No.
> Now, That's youtube. Using Netflix as an example.
> I can start streaming a movie. And it'll pull 50-60Mb/s for about 20
> seconds, And it's playing HD quality almost immediately. Where on a slower
> connection it may not switch to HD until its filled its buffer more.
> Nick Olsen
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>  From: "Glen Kent" <glen.kent at gmail.com>
> Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 10:04 AM
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> Subject: 25Mbps vs 4 Mbps
> Hi,
> The service provider(s) pipe that takes all web traffic from my laptop to
> the central servers (assume youtube) remain same whether i take a 4Mbps or
> a 25Mbps connection from my service provider. This means that the internet
> connection that i take from my service provider only affects the last mile
> -- from my home network to my service providers first access router. Given
> this, would one really see a 6 times improvement in a 25Mbps connection
> over a 4Mbps connection?
> I assume that the service providers rate limit the traffic much
> more aggressively in a 4Mbps connection. But this would only matter if the
> traffic from my youtube server is greater than 4Mbps, which i suspect
> would
> be the case.
> The question then is that how does going for a higher BW connection from
> the service provider help?
> Glen

Kyle Creyts

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