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Big day for IPv6 - 1% native penetration

Tony Hain wrote:
> Tomas Podermanski wrote:
>> Hi,
>>      It seems that today is a "big day" for IPv6. It is the very first time
> when
>> native IPv6 on google statistics
>> (http://www.google.com/intl/en/ipv6/statistics.html) reached 1%. Some
>> might say it is tremendous success after 16 years of deploying IPv6 :-)
>> T.
> Or one could look at it as; despite 16 years of lethargy and lack of
> deployment by access networks, the traffic still finds a way.  ;)
> Tony

I say we better hope and pray that the network effect works as well for 
IPv6 as it did for IPv4. Otherwise 1% after 16 years represents nothing 
so much as ongoing failure.

I have had approximately 0.01% interest from any user base. That would 
be an interesting number to watch change.