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Plages d'adresses IP Orange

In message <50ABC681.5040703 at rollernet.us>, Seth Mattinen writes:
> On 11/19/12 9:16 AM, Jamie Bowden wrote:
> > Actually, this is kind of an interesting aside.  Last time I checked, Canad
> a counts as North America and large parts of Quebec are inhabited by folks wh
> o don't speak much, if any, English.  Having said that, I can't recall having
>  seen any Quebecois posting in French here, but I find it hard to believe tho
> se folks don't have use for a list like this.
> > 
> Quebecois French and French aren't exactly the same. My dad once had to
> order "le pancakes" for breakfast because the waitress didn't understand
> "le crepes".

Well pancakes are not crepes.  Different receipe, different appearance,
different texture, similar taste.

If you ask for something that is not on the menu ....

> ~Seth
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