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NTP Issues Today

crossreplying to outages list.

Is anyone ELSE seeing GPS issues?  This could well have been an
unrelated issue on that particular PBX.

If this was real, then the mother of all infrastructure attacks might
be underway...

One glitch on tick and tock and one malfunctioning PBX is not
sufficient evidence of pattern - much less hostile activity - to
induce panic, but it would perhaps be a wise time to check
time-related logs?


On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 6:08 PM, Wallace Keith
<kwallace at pcconnection.com> wrote:
> Just got paged with a pbx alarm that had 1970 as the year. By the time I logged in , it was showing 2012.  Using GPS for time and date.
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> , Van Wolfe writes:
>> Hello,
>> Did anyone else experience issues with NTP today?  We had our server
>> times update to the year 2000 at around 3:30 MT, then revert back to 2012.
>> Thanks,
>> Van
> NTP should be immune from this sort of behaviour unless you did a ntpdate at the wrong moment.  The clocks should have been marked as insane.
> Mark
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