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Long and unabbreviatable IPv6 addresses with random overloaded bits, vs. tunnelbroker

On 11/18/12 5:53 PM, Constantine A. Murenin wrote:
> edis.at gives you an IPv4 address of, for example, 158.255.21x.xxx,
> and the IPv6 /112 that you get is 2a03:f80:ed15:158:255:21x:xxx:0/112
> (really a /48), with 2a03:0f80:ed15::1 as the gateway.

Vote with your dollars and find a provider with clue?  It's the only way
you'll get the service you want.

And also, dear god a /112.  It's giving me a flash back to a tier 2 carrier I
consulted for about 2 years ago.  Their guy (who was a CCNP :rolleyes:), threw
out my plans as being wasteful of space (each site a /48 out of a /40
reservation, each network a /64, etc.).  The entire thing was done out of a
/112 at each site with /120's for subnets.

Course this same guy asked why we needed oc-48's between locations, he wanted
to get bonded gigE's of IP transport and do a VPN......

Bryan Fields

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