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In Need of 10GbE Optics @AMS4

On 18.11.2012 05:00, Pete Ashdown wrote:

> I don't have the quantity you need, but this reminded me that I'm in
> need of a reliable supplier of CWDM 40KM XFP 10GbE optics.  Specifically
> 1310nm, but I'll need other wavelengths soon.  These things seem to be
> manufactured by elves.  I can't find a reliable supplier anywhere.  Can
> anyone help?

try http://www.cubeoptics.com/en/ ... well established since years, not
only selling transceivers but also manufacturing muxes and other
opticals stuff. If you need a contact let me know.

If anyone is in need of DWDM 40km XFP next year, I have hundreds of them

Best regards
Arnold Nipper / nIPper consulting, Sandhausen, Germany
email: arnold at nipper.de      phone: +49 6224 5593407 2
mobile: +49 152 53717690     fax:   +49 6224 5593407 9

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