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MPLS acceptable latency?

On 11/15/12?12:54?-0600, Mikeal Clark wrote:
>I have some AT&T MPLS sites under a managed contract with latency
>averaging 75-85 ms without any load.  These sites are only 45 minutes
>away.  What is considered normal/acceptable?

I recently had a scenario with some MPLS sites within the state nearly
doubling in latency (below 50ms round trip). Typically I see
round trip latency in the 20-35ms range, and those sites are within about a
90 minute drive from each other (Oklahoma, mostly T1s).

When I asked an AT&T tech to investigate, he did not see log entries to
explain the increase or admit to any trouble, and stated that the service
levels for these MPLS circuits allowed for 75-80ms and I don't recall if
that was one way or round trip. He said that was to allow for coast to
coast latency scenarios. Delay returned to typical levels about 4 days
later, without explanation.

Dan White