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What is BCP re De-Aggregation: strict filtering /48s out of /32 RIR minimums.


" Again, I thought the discussion was about PI, not PA.  I don't announce any PA."

My point, which I feel may be getting lost, and for which ARIN may already have policies in place for, is that an IP assignment is made out of a block with a defined minimum assignment size.

Now some people simply advertise the assignment that is made to them, some people chose to advertise more specifics with a covering route, I have no problem with any of this.  What I am saying, is if people chose to deagregate to create islands, for which I can completely understand the commercial and networking reason and why it is then by extension impossible for them to advertise the covering route. Then in these specific cases of "islands" then these assignments should be made by the RIR from a block with a minimum prefix size of a /48.  Then the application is submitted to the RIR it will justify as much space as it justifies, but at this point it should also be established - without any judgment positive or negative - if the intention is to advertise this unagregated or with a route for the aggregate.  The RIR would then be empowered to assign the requested amount of address space from a block which can be labelled with a lower minimum prefix size.

I am not judging any of these design practices.  What I am pointing out is that the designs are being implemented in assignment blocks that do not reflect the recipients implementations intentions and this is neither helpful for them or other AS operators when it comes to filtering.  If RIR policies establish this intention at the point of assignment then the "island" case will be catered for and we absolutely do not want to see an aggregate in the route table for assignments from that block.  IF it is TE then it can be made from a conventional block with a cover router and more specifics.

What I am seeing in the real world is island networks in address space with minimum /32 assigments.  It is my choice if I filter your TE, it is a stupid choice if you don't advertise the cover route because you are doing TE.  But what we need to facilitate are islands networks which for very sensible technical and commercial reasons are unable to advertise an aggregate.  Policies may be in place to provide for this, however, what I am seeing in the route table is telling me that the policies are failing to identify people that want to implement their network in this fashion as they are coming from blocks with /32 min and they are advertising /48s.  If these announcements came from and address block to which they were assigned with a minimum of a /48 because of their design intentions then everyone is happy and can announce and filer accordingly and end points are reachable.

There is a reason that different blocks have different minimum sizes, I am advocating ensuring that we get assignments aligned with the blocks that are suit the intended implementation.

It is not my place to judge your business, nor is it anyone elses to expect the rest of us to accept TE routes without a coverall and expect to be reachable.

My 2c


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On Nov 14, 2012, at 1:50 PM, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 3:10 PM, Michael Smith <mksmith at mac.com> wrote:
>> I guess I'm confused.  I have a /32 that I have broken up into /47's 
>> for my discrete POP locations.  I don't have a network between them, 
>> by design.  And, I won't announce the /32 covering route because 
>> there is no single POP that can take requests for the entire
>> /32 - think regionalized anycast.
>> So, how is it "worse" to announce the deaggregated /47's versus 
>> getting a /32 for every POP?  In either case, I'm going to put the 
>> same number of routes into the DFZ.
> Hi Michael,
> If you announce an ISP /32 from each POP (or an end-user /48, /47,
> etc) then I know that a neutral third party has vetted your proposed 
> network configuration and confirmed that the routes are disaggregated 
> because the network architecture requires it. If you announce a /47 
> from your ISP space, for all I know you're trying to tweak utilization 
> on your ISP uplinks.
Again, I thought the discussion was about PI, not PA.  I don't announce any PA.

> In the former case, the protocols are capable of what they're capable 
> of. Discrete multihomed network, discrete announcement. Like it or 
> lump it.
> In the latter case, I don't particularly need to burn resources on my 
> router half a world away to facilitate your traffic tweaking. Let the 
> ISPs you're paying for the privilege carry your more-specifics.

You have great confidence in the immutability of design and the description thereof.