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IPv6 is really there when "SEO"-style spammers want to start using it ;)


As it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY0 ...
(don't look if you have a video and audio enabled terminal ;)

I just came across the following:

I want to use IPv6 to test if my Marketing Referral System will work
with this protocol.  Since IPv4s are running low, it takes a justifiable
reason to request multiple IPv4s.  I need multiple IPs to post jobs
available ads in multiple cities.

It is good in one way that quite a few sites are not IPv6 enabled yet
and that limiting based on /64, then /48, then /32 is a very simple
technique ;)

Just a heads up for the folks providing connectivity that these kind of
people are finally also looking at IPv6 as they see the scrunch of IPv4
and can't justify their "But I want to run 10000's of SSL hosts on 1
physical hardware box" anymore to get more IPv4 IPs...