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Verizon wireless (cdma/LTE) compatible ethernet connectable OOB access device.

We have Verizon Wireless as our provider of choice for our company, and I've convinced those who are they that I need a completely OOB method for getting back in the NOC, as we don't have a full time NOC staff and internet coverage can be spotty around here in general, as we're a small town.

The people who need the OOB management access are getting 4G Myfi devices with static IP addresses. What I need at our NOC is a 3 or 4G (our area only has 3G atm) Verizon compatible device with an wired ethernet link. I'm looking at several but wondered if anyone has any familiarity with such units. I just need a basic wwan-ethernet modem/bridge, I will be handling vpn termination, firewalling, access control, and such with my existing firewall.

Off-list is fine.

Eric Esslinger
Information Services Manager - Fayetteville Public Utilities
(931)433-1522 ext 165

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