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MTU issues s0.wp.com


Since about a week or so it's become impossible to reach wp.com content 
over IPv6.

IPv4 content does work fine, using the IPv6 literal returns a 404 which 
is small enough to fit in a smaller 1480 byte MTU.

I have another test site that has a clean 1500 byte mtu and I can fetch 
the s0.wp.com page from there.

It looks like tunneled IPv6 users might be in hurt here.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

My traceroute shows they are employing a CDN for s0.wp.com, so not 
everyone might be affected.

  7  asd2-rou-1022.NL.eurorings.net (2001:680:0:800f::291)  6.460 ms 
6.203 ms  6.188 ms
  8  asd2-rou-1044.eurorings.net (2001:680::134:222:85:63)  6.447 ms 
6.494 ms  6.495 ms
  9  adm-b5-link.telia.net (2001:2000:3080:6f::1)  6.818 ms  6.936 ms 
6.891 ms
10  ldn-b3-v6.telia.net (2001:2000:3018:5::1)  15.290 ms  27.481 ms 
15.380 ms
11  edgecast-ic-147468-ldn-b3.c.telia.net (2001:2000:3080:378::2) 
15.116 ms  15.174 ms  15.176 ms
12  2606:2800:234:1922:15a7:17bf:bb7:f09 
(2606:2800:234:1922:15a7:17bf:bb7:f09)  15.496 ms  15.327 ms  15.460 ms

Kind regards,