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qwest.net dropping packets... wife would like someone to pick them up please...

Hi Matt (and other helpful posters off list),

Yes, makes sense.

I'm told this pops up twice a month, so opps, clearly I need to spend 
more time reading and learning! :)

Thanks to the person who pointed out the PTR rec suggests that the 
impacted resource might be more west than I realised.  I confess I don't 
know the .us very well at all.


On 3/11/2012 6:43 p.m., Matthew Petach wrote:
> Hi Don, based on your mtr output, there's no loss to the end 
> destination; one router along the path showing loss that does not 
> continue to affect the rest of the path simply means the cpu on that 
> router is a bit too busy to respond to icmp messages; but there's 0% 
> loss beyond it, which means it's doing its primary job of forwarding 
> packets just fine. Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend! Matt 

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