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Cisco 6509 SUP32 SNMP Meltdown With CatOS

On 02/11/2012 18:37, david peahi wrote:
> Anyone have experience with Cisco 6509E/SUP32 crashing under heavy SNMP
> polling load, causing high cpu utilization and 6509 lockup, requiring 6509
> reboot? CatOS is deployed. Is the behavior any different with 6509 IOS?

You're being very coy about details here.  I've not managed to actually
crash a 6500 running IOS by excessive snmp, but the more interesting
question is: how on earth are you running so many snmp queries that this is

E.g. a fully loaded 6509 with 384 ports would take ~3000 queries every
several minutes to perform full port diagnostic polling, and you'd want to
be doing this every couple of seconds to cause serious CPU impact.  Are you
doing something like full DFZ or MAC table polling?  Or IP accounting over
snmp?  If you are, there are probably better ways of achieving what you're
trying to do.

Also, you may want to consider moving away from CatOS, as it's now
basically abandonware (or at least will formally be in Jan 2013), and
hasn't even seen maintenance updates in the last 4 years.