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Looking for recommendation on 10G Ethernet switch


I'm looking for a recommendation on a smallish 10G Ethernet switch for a
small virtualization/SAN implementation (4-5 hosts, 2 SAN boxes) over
iSCSI with some legacy boxes on GigE.


- 8-16 10G ports
- several GigE ports for legacy GigE hosts or cross connect to a legacy
GigE  switch
- preferably not a large chassis based solution with blades

The hosts aren't going to be driving full line rate, nor the SAN boxes
providing full line rate, but their offered loads will definitely exceed
1Gbps.   Assessing whether it is better to go 10G now vs. multi-pathing
with quad GigE cards.  Trying to find the best solution for > 1G on a
trunk and < $50K per box.

Any recommendations appreciated.