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IPv6 Netowrk Device Numbering BP

Eugeniu Patrascu wrote:

> You can say it's a IPv4 thinking model, but it's easier to remember
> that if the fileserver it's at then it's IPv6
> counterpart address would be 2001:abcd::192:168:10:10 (each subnet
> being a /64)

That is a clever idea except that it can not always follow
modified EUI-64 format aof rfc4291.

We should better introduce partially decimal format for
IPv6 addresses or, better, avoid IPv6 entirely.

						Masataka Ohta
>> Another option would be to do both. Assign a fixed address and also
>> let it chose EUI-64. However, I see that leading to confusion. Not
>> sure what good it would do.
>> Is there anything like a standard, best practice for this (yet)?
>> What are other people doing and their reasons? Anyone have operational
>> experience with what works and what does not (and the "what does
>> not" is probably really of more interest)?
> Letting the host choose it's own IP can be very tricky and has
> operational hurdles along the way as it's not that easy to copy
> configurations across devices during upgrades and maintenance swap
> outs.