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GeekTools Whois Proxy and RIPE/RIPE-NCC

Hi David,

On Dec 31, 2012, at 10:55 AM, David Conrad <drc at virtualized.org> wrote:

> Rodney,
> On Dec 31, 2012, at 7:41 AM, Rodney Joffe <rjoffe at centergate.com> wrote:
>> Two weeks ago RIPE-NCC, who provide the whois data for IP addresses in the RIPE region, informed us that based on decisions by their members, as of January 1st 2013, tomorrow, they would no longer provide whois proxy query response services to GeekTools unless we ponied up $1,800 a year for RIPE membership.
> ...
>> I think its wrong to have to pay for whois data that is part of a community resource . So I won't do it.
> I have to assume there is some sort of misunderstanding here as the actions on behalf of RIPE you describe are ... surprising.  However, if there isn't a misunderstanding then I strongly agree with you. 
> I'll be interested in seeing RIPE's side of the story?

I am absolutely open to believing that I have misunderstood. The older I've gotten, the dumber I've realized I am ;-)

The references I can provide (besides the notice from RIPE which you already have) appear to be:

http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/ripe-558 , specifically 2.4.7 RIPE Database Proxy Service