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SSL Certificates and ... Providers

Many vendors do this and I highly recommend someone like Digicert that won't play the per-machine licensing game with you.

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On Dec 27, 2012, at 11:47 AM, Blake Pfankuch <blake at pfankuch.me> wrote:

> Ok, so this might be a little off topic but I am trying to validate something a vendor is telling me and hoping some people here have expertise in this area...
> I am working with a SSL certificate provider.  I am trying to purchase a quantity of wildcard SSL certificates to cover about 60 FQDN's across 4 domains.  Vendor is telling me that the Wildcard certificates are licensed per physical device it is installed on.  This means instead of using a single wildcard across 20 servers, I would have to buy 20 wildcard certs for 20 servers.
> This does not compute in my brain and also in my mind completely defeats the purpose of a wildcard cert as I know it.  Has anyone run into this before?
> Thanks
> Blake