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why haven't ethernet connectors changed?

On 12/21/2012 04:08 AM, Aled Morris wrote:
> Good luck with that! :-) Referring back to the original question and the reference to Raspberry Pi... The latest HDMI has Ethernet capability and the connector is already on the Pi, so there's a possible (future) solution that would work for all manner of consumer applications - even ones that don't need video or audio - just use the network capability of HDMI. Aled 


I'd turn this back the other way though: in this day and age, why do we have any
interconnection/bus that isn't just ethernet/IP? IP, as we all know, doesn't imply
global reachability. What we far too often do with specialized IO channels is recreate
networking, usually poorly.

That too would solve the Raspberry Pi problem.

Mike, naming being one big issue which is getting short-shrift in homenet