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IP Address Management IPAM software for small ISP

On (2012-12-20 11:02 +0100), Phil Regnauld wrote:

> > I have same opinion for NMS also. Everything I see offered is terrible and
> > do not even solve easy-to-solve problems correctly.
> 	Right, that's what's great about Open Source :D

The comment fully applies to system like HP OV or NNM or what is it called
today. It does nothing worth while to you without putting hours and hours
of work into it.
While it's easy to define what every SP wants out of NMS which can be
turn-key, without spamming people with so many alarms that they stop caring
about them.
You can literally start from 0 and in 2h have software to send traps to
IRC/XMPP and get alarms from link up/down, isis up/down, bgp up/down, ldp
up/down, hardware inserted/removed, PSU offline/online etc. Which already
to my demands is superior I can get out of any system in 2h I've looked