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www.eftps.gov contact

I tried to this a month ago, no luck :( i.e. nothing back from them, just goes into no answer e-mail space! 

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The hostname www.eftps.gov has both A and AAAA records, but the site is only reachable via IPv4.  Worse, the IPv6 connectivity is broken in such a way that Firefox and Internet Explorer do not fall back to IPv4. 
Tracing is broken for both protocols.  The 10-net addresss in the IPv4 path were cute.

Calling their technical support was an exercise in futility.  Supposedly they forwarded messages on to the right people; but the site is still broken after over a week's wait.  If someone knows the admins behind the EFTPS website and can forward this to them, the accounting firm for which I work would appreciate it.