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Fiber only in DataCenters?

Many of the colocation datacenters or carrier hotel datacenters we are in only have copper facilities for tdm based circuits such as DS1 and DS3.  The distance in many of these are simply too great for a copper ethernet connection. ( > 100m )

Some smaller ones prefer copper, where distance is not an issue, but I've found that to be the minority.

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Subject: Fiber only in DataCenters? 

Hello all, 

Looking for input from "providers" as well as "consumers" of data center space and facilities. Specifically speaking to the types of available physical cross connects. 

Are there data centers out there that are "fiber only"? That is to say that the cross connects are fiber only and no copper cross connects are available? 

I understand that fiber is great and all, but to my knowledge there are a lot of folks still using and needing copper cross connects. Am I wrong?