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SSL on Juniper.net


On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 3:28 PM, J. Oquendo <joquendo at e-fensive.net> wrote:
> Yes, semi off/on topic I am aware, but because there are
> many here who visit the site, figured I'd ask. Anyone else
> having certificate issues on Juniper.net && their support
> login? This just started today.
> www.juniper.net is pushing an Akamai cert, support.j* is
> pushing a Comodo cert.

When having to diagnose HTTPS problems, I've found the automated tests
from Qualys SSL Labs to be a handy first step to save time.  In this
instance it appears that www.juniper.net is a standard Akamai setup
(nothing special there, fairly OKish), but somebody has put the wrong
certificate at support.juniper.net (the certificate presented there is
for ipv6.juniper.net, origin-www.juniper.net and www.juniper.net

https://sslcheck.globalsign.com/en_GB/sslcheck?host=www.juniper.net and
if anyone wants to have a look