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3Com Total Control documentation


I have "inherited" several 3Com Total Control racks that are used to
provide dial-up service to rural areas.

The racks have been running in auto-pilot for several years now and
the last tech's comments with regard to the racks was along the lines
of "I don't know".

I would like to regain control over the network as recently the
outages are becoming more frequent and extended and we don't usually
know about it until customers call the support line a week later.

Decommissioning the racks is not currently an option as there are no
other reasonable alternatives for internet service (other than
satellite).  The ISP being an marginal area provider is also short in

I'm having a hard time finding documentation, firmware updates or
support for these racks.

As far as I can tell, the current owner of the product line is
UTStarCom in China, but their website does not make any reference to
the product.

I also found a company that sells the equipment and provides support
contracts, WRCA, but their pricing is out of the budget range for the

I am hoping that some of you who used to work with this equipment may
still have documentation CDs or firmware updates stored away

I'm looking for any documentation, firmware updates and some help
figuring out which NAC goes with which NIC.

Or perhaps you can suggest other companies that provide support for
the equipment at more reasonable rates.

I would be willing to setup a public repository to help other admins.


Hector Herrera