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dynamic or static IPv6 prefixes to residential customers

Agree with all your points.

Also, one can argue that a dynamic prefix facilitates privacy ?

However, if ISPs or third party companies (and thus users ask for more and
more bw) want to offer new services and apps with IPv6, it will be much
easier to implement with static prefixes.


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Asunto: Re: dynamic or static IPv6 prefixes to residential customers

>On 2011-07-26 16:58 , JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I will like to know, from those deploying IPv6 services to residential
>> customers, if you are planning to provide static or dynamic IPv6
>> Just to be clear, I'm for static prefix delegation to residential
>> customers, however I heard that some ISPs are doing dynamic delegations,
>> the same way as is common today with IPv4.
>> I don't thin it make sense, as the main reason for doing so in IPv4 was
>> address exhaustion and legacy oversubscription models such as
>You are forgetting the simple fact that you can charge for static
>addresses and unblocked connectivity. THAT is the reason for dynamic
>addresses, as on the ISP level there are still enough IPv4 addresses and
>they can still, even today, ask for more from their RIR.
>Abuse/accounting/etc all become much simpler with static addresses.
>But as long as you give those users dynamic addresses, they might not
>run a SMTP/HTTP/xxx server on their link as changing IPs is
>kind-of-annoying (but doable with the proper DNS setup and low TTLs)
>Thus, you give them dynamic stuff, or only 1 IP address and ask them for
>lots of moneys when they want a static address or hey lots more moneys
>(in the form of a 'business connection') when they want multiple
>addresses routed to their host.
>And don't bother asking for proper reverse setup in a lot of cases
>either, let alone delegation of that.
> Jeroen
> Happily using the same static IPv6 /48 for almost a decade ;)

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