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NANOG List Cutover Schedule

Hello All:

We will be moving the mailing list at 12:00 PDT (GMT -7).  The following is the cutover schedule and expected issues during the cutover.

1) 12:00 - move DNS for mailman.nanog.org (the MX for nanog.org)
2) 12:00 - shut down Mailman on s0.nanog.org (mailman.nanog.org)
3) 12:01 - final rsync of list data over to new server
4) 12:05 - send out a "TEST" message to the NANOG list
5) 12:30 - if message is not seen on list and no correctable errors are detected in the logfiles, revert to s0.nanog.org, troubleshoot, report and reschedule.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please let me know.


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