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Mac OS X Lion has DHCPv6

On 25 Jul 2011, at 15:50, Ray Soucy wrote:

> Just wanted to drop a note as a was pretty harsh on Apple when rumors
> of them not including DHCPv6 client support were floating about.  In
> the past few days I've also seen people post that OS X doesn't have
> DHCPv6, because they were looking for "DHCPv6" in the UI.  Thankfully
> these reports are false.
> Just tried it myself on a newly upgraded Mac.
> Quick testing shows that when "Automatic" is used for the IPv6
> setting, OS X will correctly look at the A, M, and O flags of an IPv6
> RA and make use of DHCPv6 when instructed to.
> Thank you to everyone at Apple who made this happen.  Especially James
> Woodyatt, who I gave a piratically hard time to wearing my end-user
> hat ;-)


Running successfully on Lion with DHCPv6-supplied resolvers at the IETF meeting this week.