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internap fcp competitors?

Internap's FCP is a bgp route optimizer.  It connects to your network on the
sideline and captures traffic either on a span/mirror port or by receiving
flow data.  Then based on your rules it probes to find the best routes and
acting as route reflector will inject the routes to your network or just
send you alerts and draw pretty pictures.  Optimization can be for
performance and/or cost.  It also routes around issues like black holes.
It's really only valuable when you're multihomed.

The only competitor I'm aware of that is gone now was Avaya's RouteScience.
There also exists a site packetdesign.com which *may* have a competing

Here's the internap info:

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> Does anyone know of competitors to internap's fcp product?

Also, I would greatly appreciate if anybody could explain what
technically is internap fcp.

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