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CISCO IOS 12.x Virtual Switch

Ask your Cisco SE about IOU licensing and its capabilities regarding
switching. You can do some limited switch lab work with dynamips and an
NM-16-ESW though.
On Jul 20, 2011 12:08 PM, "Daniel Espejel" <daniel.unam.ipv6 at gmail.com>
> Hello list!.
> I want to virtualize a CISCO Switch with CISCO IOS 12.x to perform some
> test on its RA-Guard implementation. By searching over Internet I've
> found that its possible to virtualize some devices such as routers using
> GSN3 and a CISCO IOS image. Is it possible to do something like this but
> for a switch instead of a router?.
> Or does anyone have any suggestions in order to test CISCO's RA-Guard
> (or another implementation)??
> Best regards.
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> Daniel Espejel Perez
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