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Google DNS just disappeared

If you want to be able to ask Googlers directly on issues like this, you
might try Google+. I am trying to spam, it is just that they are all
available on there. Here is something Scoble posted the other day:

 I just spent an hour talking with a Google exec about + and I came away
> with a few things:

> 1. Google employees used to not be able to tell you what they are working
> on. Those days are gone.
> 2. There is more intellectual curiosity inside Google than I have seen in
> quite some time.
> 3. The + team is driven by our excitement and that has caused sizable
> shifts in employee attention. Translation: new features are coming. Everyone
> wants to work for a winner.
> This new Google attitude is something that feeds on itself. Translation: I
> am excited about the future here in a way that I was never excited about
> Buzz.

It has been a while since I posted, but if anyone wants an invite, ping this
account or pirkster at gmail.

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 23:00, Cody Rose <cody at killsudo.info> wrote:

> It appeared to be very brief, I just happened to be in a Google Plus
> Hangout
> when the chat died then my Gtalk died followed by my Google homepage.
> By the time I got done checking DNS and was getting on a trace-route server
> my
> chat reconnected and  service was back to normal.
> Just thought it was unusual to see all my Google services go offline at the
> same
> time.
> Regards,
> Cody Rose
> NOC & Sys Admin
> Website: www.killsudo.info
> email: cody at killsudo.info

steve pirk
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