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best practices for management nets in IPv6

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 13:12, Tim Franklin <tim at pelican.org> wrote:
>> You can also use IPv6 privacy extensions (by default on Windows 7),
>> see rfc4941. For Linux, you can also enable it, which is not a
>> default.
> In the context of "addresses I'm using to manage kit", having devices
> randomly renumber themselves at regular intervals does *not* sound
> like it's going to make my life easy :(

Remember, every interface has multiple addresses in IPv6.  While I
don't know if Linux behaves similarly, for Windows, the privacy
address is primarily used for outbound connections.  The MAC-derived
IPv6 address is also still active, and is the one registered
automatically in DNS, so you would still reach your kit via stable
addresses (well, as stable as the physical network interface).

Dave Hart