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Anybody can participate in the IETF (Was: Why is IPv6 broken?)

We all make mistakes in not questioning our own positions, from time to
time.  You, Jeff, seem to be making that very same mistake.

Please keep these points in mind:

  * Rome wasn't built in a day.  The current system didn't come
    ready-made pre-built with all the bells and whistles you are used
    to.  It grew slowly over time, as we learned what works, what
    doesn't, and what was missing.  Any system that attempts to deal
    with locator/id separation will assuredly not be built in a day, either.
  * While you have stated a problem relating to a security consideration
    ? specifically that there is a potential reflection attack that
    could cause cache thrashing, the solution may not be what you expect.
  * Yes, you were asked.  Even so... Novelty isn't something worth
    arguing over, except in patent battles.  Usefulness is only worth
    arguing over marginally more.  Deployment (or lack thereof) speaks
    for itself.  LISP or ILNP or what-have-you either will or won't be
    deployed over the long run.
  * Never is a very long time.  Many uses of "never" have been used
    relating to the Internet.  It is the corollary to "Imminent Death of
    the 'Net: film @ 11."  I still have the NANOG tee-shirt with Robert
    Metcalfe, someone with considerably more notoriety, eating his hat.