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OT: Given what you know now, if you were 21 again...

Hi Larry,

I would learn 2 things:
* having fun learning
* time management

It's been almost 14 years since I was 21 and I concur with many of the
things mentioned in this thread, and learned a few of them. However it
wasn't all the time I spend studying and learning, it's all the time I
spend being bored with studying that could have been easily solved
with a little patience and guidance on how to have fun learning. It
wasn't until I discovered the methods which were most effective for
learning a certain subject and keeping it fun.

Time management is another thing I would have wanted to start asap. So
I could have scheduled the procrastination and use the best parts of
the day to work or learn effectively.

my 2c

On 13/07/2011, Larry Stites <ncnet at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Given what you know now, if you were 21 and just starting into networking /
> communications industry which areas of study or specialty would you
> prioritize?
> Thanks
> Larry Stites
> NCNetworks, Inc.
> Nevada City, CA 95959

blaze your trail

Dani?l W. Crompton <daniel.crompton at gmail.com>