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Enterprise Internet - Question

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 2:34 PM, Jeff Cartier
<Jeff.Cartier at pernod-ricard.com> wrote:
> - ? ? ? ? ?How should/can an enterprise deal with accessibility to internet content issues? (ie. that whole coming from a Canadian IP accessing US content)
You indeed might feed traffic towards such "IP restricted" sites
through a transparent proxy server,
or policy NAT based on destination IP, reducing all traffic towards
those sites from "canadian"
ranges, to a pool of  source IP addresses.

Just to take a jab at absurd "content restriction" by IP methods, a reminder...
There's no such thing as a "US" IP address.   There's no such thing as
a Canadian IP address.

There are IPs delegated to network operators who have an AS in certain
but that is no proof of country of origin.

What "country" is an IP address located in when it is assigned to a
terminal server, VPN server,
or proxy server in country $X, and there are authorized users that  connect
from 16 different countries?