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OT: Given what you know now, if you were 21 again...

Once upon a time, Jason Baugher <jason at thebaughers.com> said:
> If I had to have a job where I did the same thing every day, year after 
> year, I'd stab a pencil in my eye. I love that our industry is 
> constantly evolving.

Definate +1 to that.

I look at how my father's job has changed in his 49+ years; he's gone
from a hardware-in-the-loop simulator that took a room full of analog
computer (because digital computers weren't fast enough) to where
computers are small and powerful enough that they looked at running a
sim in real-time on the flying vehicle (as additional guidance

I dont't think anyone can realistically say what the Internet will look
like 10 years from now, much less 50.  Pundits like to guess, but they
usually miss their "next year" predictions anyway. :-)

Chris Adams <cmadams at hiwaay.net>
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