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NANOG List Update - Moving Forward

On 13/07/11 11:37 PM, Richard Kulawiec wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 04:13:10PM +0200, Mattias Ahnberg wrote:
>> I might have missed some discussion; but why are we moving
>> away from mailman, and what software is in the new system?
> Seconded.  Mailman is presently the gold standard for mailing list
> management

Apparently the main exception to this is where you're running multiple
lists with similar names, such as when creating lists for multiple
languages (e.g. announce at example.com, announce at it.example.com,
announce at jp.example.com, etc.).  This is the problem the Document
Foundation found itself with and they opted for mlmmj (with the
exception of one list which does use Mailman), but it has other issues
and I definitely wouldn't want to see NANOG go down that path.  Since
NANOG doesn't need to deal with the similar names/multilingual
problem, that shouldn't be an issue.


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