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OT: Given what you know now, if you were 21 again...

* OSI layers 1 to 3 - so CCNA, MCP (or something dumb MS like), RHCE
* Electrical eng - to best understand about the basics of copper and 
fibre.  Also some focus on power systems - understand how a psu actually 
* wireless eng - you need to understand how a radio actually works, how 
an antenna actually works - do a course that involves building such - 
wokfy (google it!), tin can antennas.
* C and assembler programming

Yip, everything I'm talking about is low level and under well the bonnet.

Every other bit of crap can be thrown on top.  Sure, you can become an 
AppleTalk expert... what happens if we stop using that protocol?  You 
can become an Exchange expert... what happens if someone... well you get 
the idea.



On 14/07/2011 9:08 a.m., Larry Stites wrote:
> Given what you know now, if you were 21 and just starting into networking /
> communications industry which areas of study or specialty would you
> prioritize?
> Thanks
> Larry Stites
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